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It might be hard for some people to get excited about new bread maker models. Not me. I love them. There's a simple reason for that; I love making bread. The reason for that is equally simple; I love eating it!

Fortunately, I'm not alone in that passion. The smell of fresh warm bread is very welcome in many a home, the taste even more so. It certainly is in mine. That's why this is a great time to be alive. There are more bread makers on the market today than ever and among them are many, many terrific ones.

You can get some good bread at certain stores. Sometimes a much-loved local bakery will create a loaf you and your family devour. But there's nothing to compare to having your own special recipe come hot out of your bread maker machine, ready for eating plain or with your favorite butter or jam.

Beyond the different styles of bread they make - wheat, multi-grain, French, gluten-free, and more - a good bread maker will often have extra features that make the process easier. Several offer dozens of pre-set baking times/styles to cover a variety of preferred types of bread. The menu lets you select something as exotic as, say, Russian Kulich and you don't have to concern yourself with how long it takes to bake.

Some models feature an automatic dispenser that can add in yeast or nuts or fruit pieces. That eliminates the need to stand over the bread maker or respond to a timer at just the right moment in the baking cycle.

Many bread makers will do far more than make loaves of great bread, too. Several models can knead your special recipe of pizza dough for making a homemade pan far better than you get from the local pizza place.

They don't bake the pizza itself, of course. The pan is strictly rectangular and not nearly large enough to flatten out the dough and bake it. But they do save you the effort of that key kneading step. If your hands and wrists are not what they once were, like mine, you'll appreciate that a lot.

Maintenance is practically non-existent with most models but some are better than others. Most, for example, will let you remove the kneading blade(s) for easy clean up. But a few will even let you remove the automatic dispenser and just pop it into the dishwasher.

So, while it might seem a little odd to some, I think there are pretty good reasons to be passionate about bread makers. If you love great, homemade bread I'm sure you will be, too.

Join the fun!